Four Steps to a Sound Financial Strategy





The Four Steps to a Sound Financial Strategy

Step 1 – Understand Your Goals

I conduct a personal interview to obtain the background information needed in order to complete your custom plan.  If appropriate, I will consult with your attorney and tax advisor to understand all pertinent details of your financial circumstances.

Step 2 - “Review” Goals and Develop an “In-Balance” Recommendation

To make sure we have a shared vision of your dreams, we review goals and make a recommendation presented in an easy-to-understand report.  This ensures that the proposed strategy reflects your financial objectives and priorities in coordination with your life stage and dynamics in the marketplace.  Once completed, we will review specific investment recommendations for your approval.

Step 3 - Implement Allocation

I believe that it is very important for you to understand and be completely comfortable with your investment strategy.  Once approved, I will help you implement your plan.

Step 4 - Monitor Progress

Your plan will be monitored regularly, and the allocations within your portfolio will be rebalanced, as necessary, based on changes in the markets and your life.  Once in place, you will receive statements on your portfolio as well as an annual tax summary.

This process helps you address critical questions, such as:

• Are you going to be okay?
• Are you compromising your goals too much with your investment choices?
• Are you taking too much financial risk – or not enough?
• Do your goals need adjusting, or do you need to allow more time for achieving them?

The process also gives you the flexibility to adjust your profile to account for any of life’s changes, such as:

• Increasing medical costs
• Getting married or divorced
• Helping a child or grandchild afford higher education
• Caring for an elderly parent
• Starting a second career
• Inheriting money or other assets

No one knows what the future holds, however, it is clear that putting your financial house in order is the best gift you can give your loved ones.  Your financial future is too important to leave to chance.  Take the first step today and call me direct at (561) 733-9900 to set up an appointment.